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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tahun Kedua dan Majlis Pecah Tanah Hospital UniSZA

Though it has already been 2 weeks of studying in second year, but still can't face the fact that I'm already a 2nd year med student. The feeling "can I do this?" always comes to my head. Yep. But actually I'm more confident this year. Not that successful of getting A's confidence, but being confident in facing people, getting rid out of many shits they throw, lots of new people again. To come to this stage, I'm really proud of myself.

.. & to celebrate my 1st anniversary of being a Uni student from the 17/9/2014 date, here today I should share some of stories about my beginning of second year med stud life..

 I got a new roommate, a 1st year junior roommate who came from perlis a week ago. I'm learning to adapt with this new environment since she speaks her Utagha loghat. I guess I like it cause I love to have many variety origin of friends since I was in primary.


Plus, did you know that we got a celebrity who'll be responsible for the whole semester to teach us in Hubungan Etnik class? I love the way he taught us, very fatherly. Yes, he's a very humble person at first, and very punctual coming to class. He'd love to share his family stories which i can say very lovely. There goes the picture of him on first day lecture. Thank you Prof for willing to teach us wholeheartedly..

Heeee and here goes the core topic to this entry:
It was the moment of proud when our Prime Minister came to 'merasmikan' the 'Majlis Pecah Tanah Hospital' event on last 18/9/2014. It was my first time though to see his face even at a quite long distance. Wowwww suddenly I feel awkward by saying like this hahahaha...

Seriously. Try to take a look at the picture below!! I was so excited when seeing this. My sister cakap yang rekabentuk dia macam Ppukm. Huwaaaaaaaa aku semangat tau tengok gambar ni. Teringin nak housemanship dekat uni sendiri tapi mak aku awal-awal dah suruh aku balik HO kat Kubang Kerian.... Ok.... Sebab, setiap Uni akan mengutamakan student dia dulu than barulah other med student. That's why

Azam aku: belajar betul-betul. kumpul duit dan tidak berjoli lagi walaupun aku tak berjoli mana pun. makan jangan catu, makan je semua asalkan perut tak lapar. jadikan gambar di atas sebagai pembakar semangat. :') byeeeee 

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