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Friday, May 9, 2014

End of Endocrine module Exam

Assalamualaikum J
Ahhhh so happy to be home! This evening I will go to my own place back.. So Alhmadulillah best nya dah habis modul #endocrineandmetabolism. Words cannot describe how I am feeling right now. But yeah the next modul which is the last for the 2nd semester would be #gastrointestinaltract modul. I bet that #endocrine is just the beginning. More stuffs to come ahead.

Well let’s see whether I am a good planner or not. After the #git module, we got the #eom and sekali gus #eos2 which is the difficult part I guess. So right now I was about to think to do some early short notes preparation to ease the task. I have jumped to this conclusion due to clumsiness and kelam kabut I’ve got during the last #eos1. Ah only Allah knows how hectic and packed time I have to endure during that time. Let’s begin the task during this 1st week of #git J

Throwback for the last #eom session.
Hurm for the previous 2 weeks I didn’t make any effort for my #endocrine module because we are having joy for Medisza’s Annual Family Day. I will do special entry for that memorable event later ok. The thing is, just 5 days right before the #eom, actually I worked my ass off. But it is not stressful compared to #cns module. Bayangkan, during cns aku prepare 2 weeks early but still ¾ of the class showed bad performance L RIP cns.

So far jawab based on spot yang lecture selalu tekankan dalam lecture. Hailaa thank you Teck Min for the spot stated. For Pharmacology luckily I read those last minute. Haha clumsy~

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