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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bye Eye Posting

ada 16 semua dalam gambar! My tudung je masuk, jadilahhh :P

It just ended yesterday when we finished our interactive Osce session with Dr. I would say it was indeed, indeed a quite tough one. 2 weeks is quite a short journey for this one. 2 Bst cases, 2 Seminars, 6 Lectures, everyday clinic/OT attachments & ward work were stuffed in in 2 weeks time; well better try to stand in my shoes 👯 i am not complaining, i am just asking you all to be well prepared before entering a minor posting like this one.

Next thing is, it is my first time becoming a leader what! So i am just being happy lady for this time, taking care of them boys and girls (this one funny😂), keeping in touch with Dr and Prof for all the sessions- the work that you have to do is- "Salam Dr/Prof. Just a reminder, we got Seminar blabla at 2 pm place BT 3" Every single day text message. 😄

One of the best memories inside this posting is- being attached to the specialists during clinic attachment. Despite of busy clinic schedule, flooding of patients coming in in each 10 minutes, the specialists still are very eager to teach us new things. They even correct/enhance our understanding further. Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, Cataract were among of those popular diseases in Eye Dept. So yeah- bread and butter. Please keep reading them. Confirm masuk exam k 💪

Know what? Eye Doctor should have good eyes in order to see better view of people's eyes. So apa lagi guys? Please read more knowledge first before see them with your eyes! They are lack of ophthalmologists nowadays so better take this opportunity to learn more 😚

P/s: Finally being home. Its rainy season again so happy so cold Alhamdulillah
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