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Friday, February 12, 2016

I wanna be better

One week since tagging started and most of the hospital WA group are now very....silent.
I know you guys are having hard time adapting - everyone did, too. Let me share what I used to felt during tagging/adapting in new department;
1- I have trouble remembering cases - there’s too many patient and more & more just keep coming in!
2- I had tried my best remembering the cases- but I’m just to nervous to present during rounds, and I got ‘mental block’ whenever I was asked questions - I swear I knew the answer actually!
3- I keep getting ‘lost’ during rounds - i couldn’t catch & appreciate what are they discussing, and I just don’t know what to document in the BHT!
4- I don’t know what to ask my patient during clerking & I have trouble translating the questions from indonesia/arabc/russian in my head!
5- I got palpitations everytime SN come near me to inform anything - what am I supposed to do for that patient? Are they ok or anything serious ongoing?
6- There’s too much to be done everyday - but I’m just too slow, exhausted & hopeless....
7- It’s just one week, but I’m already extremely tired, forever thirsty& hungry, and I just couldn’t feel my leg & feet anymore...
8- I don’t have time for myself anymore - I keep missing my prayers, meal and even toilet break! What kind of life is this?
9- There’s too much things that I didn’t know - I’m a burden to my team, I feel useless & I simply feel like giving up most of the time!
Kindly share this with your tagging friends and let them know that they are not alone & all these are actually, completely normal during tagging !
I feel like sharing how to tackle each of these problem - in case anyone interested, of course.
Please leave a comment and state the no of problem which you find the most troublesome - i will try to explain that one first.
Till then, keep strong & give your best during tagging!
Dr Iliana

Always be tat person who stay at the corner.
Just dont ask me questions too T-T

"This above post I copied from one of HOs at fb. I hope this will boost my energy and spirit to be better." 

Current situation at home for semster break.
Road to semester 6! You go girl! x

Thursday, February 11, 2016

13062015 #majorthrowback Dinner Night

putting on my awkward smile

I remember that i haven't uploaded pictures during that night so here you are.. May Allah bless them ! They are my good friends who doesn't know how to give up, kinda half to perfect being a future doc. InshaAllah amin.

Friday, February 5, 2016


Assalamualaikum wbt

Dear readers, actually now we are having semester 5 break! Yeppi am so happy! minus the fact that i am getting older, yet still had no idea what kind of activities i wanna try during this short break. I'd want to go for a trip though.. Love all kind of fun and adventures!

For your information, I am currently now in Orthopedic Rotation. Do you know what does Orthopedic mean? Orthopaedic surgery or orthopaedics (sometimes spelled orthopedic surgery and orthopedics) is the branch of surgery concerned with conditions involving the musculoskeletal system.  To make it simple, if someone involve in a motor vehicle accident, they will be admitted to orthopedics ward to get further treatment and management. I started to love this posting on 2nd week of it due to some of reasons which I couldn't state here (^_*) but i hope with time it will go smoothly inshaAllah.

The 1st week (24/1 until 28/1) was so tiring because we had to adapt with some conditions and rules provided by posting coordinator. Surely it is a must for every students whenever we get to a new place, we have to learn about what to Do's and Dont's.  Yes now i have to keep several things in mind and stuck it forever.

Every day from 8am until 5pm, we have several sessions such as Ward Rounds, Clinics, Ward Work, Bedsite Teaching (BST), Lectures, Seminars and CBD. During nights, we have to go oncall and see cases. We might have to present the case on the next day so we have to clerk patients beforehand and get prepared with all the reports. Plus, there is a thing called Conference Medical Education (CME) held every Thursday whereby all doctors are required to be present. As student, we can watch their presentations and learnt many things from there.

It's necessary to take turn for everyone to present their cases. Every student will get high marks if they present them so clearly and complete. Make sure to ask about the mechanism of injury, pain or any other symptoms related. (Year 3 in medical field is all about clerking, taking complete history & doing physical examination) Be ready for any kind of questions regarding your topics such as differential diagnosis. managements, treatments etc. Btw, I miss Mr Burhan's teaching! He's full of good advises that can lure ones' heart. He's the one I mention in my latest instagram's photo so..he's so far my favorite lecturer hee

It's a matter of respect also to consider, address and acknowledge every and each staff nurses, HOs, MOs and specialists. You need to be attached either with your supervisor or MOs. Every clinics can fit in 2 doctors.. Wear your most comfortable shoes going there or else you will end up getting painful standing for the next 4 hours. Furthermore, you can watch procedures in POP room also. Being attached to MOs or HOs is actually a chance for you to ask them what's the thing you didnt understand as they would love to teach us. 1 tip, always have an available data so it is easier for you to google anything to answer their questions. ;)

This is different following your own supervisor. Dr T will do rounds as early as 7:15 in the morning so you have to wake up early. For the other supervisors, ask them what time usually they do rounds. Make sure you studied something beforehand as some of them will ask you questions randomly. That's what my other friends said to me, ahah so yeah. Good luck guys <3

Necessary equipment to bring to Ortho Ward/Clinics:
Tendon hammer, neurokit, pen torch, tape measurement, notebook, pen, stethoscope, phone with mobile data, logbook.

p/s: O.I.C
p/ss: Read Apley's
p/sss: Be proactive , study smart

The day I present my seminar topic :)
That is Mr Burhan standing in the middle, he seems like a cool man right ? ;)

With love. HK
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