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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Salam and greetings 😊

Year 2016 has come near to its end. can u believe it guys,? i will be turning 23 y/o unofficially next 3 days? wkwkwk so nervous. coz i still have that thought that being 20 and above is the phase where adults have to take so much responsibilities. since young i have that thought in my mind...

yaaaa anyway, i just realized few days ago that basically my blogposts have nothing but all about medic stuffs right? what a boreddd lyfe hajaaaarrr πŸ˜† well hellooo thats the end of my childishness ok. atleast i already realized it. so for my personal 2017 resolution on this blog, i think that i would like to share lots and lots of lyfe stories compared than b4. well its better than having told u guys abt my boring routine medic lyfe. its too plain do πŸ˜‚ i wanted to delete all those posts but sokay, i just want it to be remained there πŸ™ˆ

okay lets talk abt my 2017 resolutions first. i just wanna mention few things first coz it needs to be done slowly but turns out great in the end. ya all know what i meant right? :p

i wanna change myself better. from the aspect of studying, friends, family. and more importantly, me myself. change is good whether if its from bad to good, from good to more good, you choose. for me myself, i just wanna eat healthily after this πŸ‘€ yaknow, i won't take more cholesterol, fat, oil, carb into my plate anymore. this is serious, jaaa...πŸ‘― if i were to recall the time when i was form 1-form 3, i seldom take dinner. dunno why, but it makes me happy because no visible fat existed, BMI considered borderline normal, siapa taknak woiii. So i will change my routine diet starting next week, okay heart! be tough! its for your own good sayang ✌❤πŸ‘Œ

secondly, i wanna save moreeee money as soon as i receive my JPA biasiswa next semester! this is gonna take fast and furious action, take note dearself! say no to any SALES in HERMO, new DRESS/BLOUSE, no new LIPSTICKS, unnecessary SHAWLS/TUDUNG. i have a weak heart when getting know all abt these stuffs erghhh so for that, i will immediately transfer 'em moneyh into another bank account. no kidding πŸ‘ this is for your own good hajaaaar as you are gonna be using it for later trip πŸ’ͺ

For next year, i will have 6 more postings to enter. which are Ophthalmology, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), Surgery, Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine & last but not least, Internal Medicine. this is the toughest part of the year. inshaAllah i will try my best to get a PASS in each postings. you guys need to always keep my name in your prayer ok..tbh, i really need those. ✋☺ Doakan Siti Hajar bt Abdul Hadi sentiasa lulus dalam exam dia ya Allah. Permudahkan segalanya, kuatkan ingatan dia, berkatilah pelajaran dia, amiiin amiin. Thanks guys

P/S: currently watching Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. its so good to boost up students'. love the theory parts of it, the actresses, the actors. thanks for acting great enough! #thebestdoctordramaever

Friday, December 9, 2016

Community Medicine III

Assalamualaikum wbt, greetings everyone πŸ‘²

Currently am in ComMed III posting. Nama lain ComMed ni ialah Public Health; means Kesihatan Masyarakat targeted at population level, not individual like usual postings. This is the last of CM sepanjang 5 tahun dalam kos ni, and the toughest I bet sebab exam nnt dalam bentuk block exam! πŸ’ƒ Huwaaaaaaaa. Walaupun exam tu lagi sebulan tapi aku still rasa takut and nervous sbb kena cover banyak tauuu.

Kali ni ComMed III belajar tentang Occupational Health yang merangkumi Occupational Hazards, OSHA etc, Environmental Health yang merangkumi Rural vs Urban Water whatsoever. Korang boleh refer jadual kat bawah tu. Semua benda boleh masuk exam πŸ‘». Bila prof cakap macam tu jeaaa, laju aku bukak mata balik fokus pada lecture hehe

Jom bukak mata tengok jadual belajar sepanjang kitorang posting ni :

Jadual Minggu 1-4. πŸ’Ÿ

Khamis tu cuti seminggu sempena Krismas yeayyyy happy but exam block the next following week ..

Hyeee. Can u see the last part?? Kitorang exam pada hari Rabu = 4 Januari 2017.
Saya mohon tembakan doa saudara saudari sekalian okay πŸ˜΅πŸ˜³πŸ‘€ Thanksss

Nak cerita pasal block exam tu pulak. Block exam tu maksud dia, kitorang exam untuk 3 postings secara serentak. Kalau sebelum ni waktu Tahun 3, kitorang exam guna sistem End of Posting exam. Means, lepas habis posting je terus exam. Tapi untuk Tahun 4, dah kasi upgrade sikittt la. :") I m so chuak πŸ˜“

So exam nya adalah :

πŸ’šForensic Medicine
πŸ’—Community Medicine III

Please doakan saya okay. I will start studying from today onwards. Yaaaa, who dont want flying colour results maaa πŸ™€

πŸ‘ͺ Yang tu semua postingmates kecuali yg pakai vase biru gelap tu, Medical officer from kk hiliran. 

P/s:: just recovered from high grade fever few days back. Phewww walaupun 1 hari je demam tapi wallahi rasa berat kepala tu hanya Tuhan yang tahuuuu~ thanks kepada yang mendoakan xo πŸ˜„πŸ’
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