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Thursday, December 28, 2017

"I Am Not Good At Goodbyes" : Leaving O&G T_T

(I was just having Sushi King Dinner with my housemates prior to blogging this. Hey know whattt? I could not hold myself any longer from not blogging. While it is still fresh inside my mind, here I am again, wanted to share some of my happy (and bitter?πŸ˜†) stories πŸ˜™πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„

Guys, today marks the end of our 'Obstetric & Gynaecology II posting'. It was really sad tho that we have to finally saying goodbyes to this posting. I could not believe that those 8 weeks of O&G had passed. WTH so fast lehhh. Just like that? T_T Wait a minute.. lemme pause for awhile....


Tbh I did not take this posting seriously during earlier weeks bcz i was kinda not getting any accelerations. It was too bad tho bcz only towards the end of the posting, I finally got my muse, my source of inspiration which is, me myself πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Œ I finally pick up my strength and confidence somewhere again after having a bit upsides down. (apalah sangat sebenarnya haha)

Its true, being the leader's assistant and also as the leader of my bedsite teaching group itself, it was such a 'clumsy of me' throughout these 8 weeks. However I kinda of trying to pull myself together and keep calm. And to add some more facts, I truly enjoyed and had fun with the guidance and teaching shared by our own 2 lovely, kind-hearted lecturers, some of the HSNZ obstetricians and gynaecologist plus 2 external lecturers. Alhamdulillah I am truly grateful with these opportunities. 

But to further in this field, I  need to do some more thinking leh and also after completed my compulsory 4 months duration of O&G posting during HOship. Of course I have to follow both my heart and brain also then only can decide πŸ‘Έ Ya all need to pray what's the best for me also ehehe (I ady have some list of my next career pathway choice btw πŸ˜‰)

Ya, I have a lotttt of stories to tell so along with that, I share these photos below to guide my stories. Enjoy!

With To' Puan Dr Maziah, O&G consultant and also our UniSZA vice chancellor's wife πŸ˜‰ Be noted, she was a former RCOG member ya all. In fact, RCOG is a guideline used worldwide in managing ladies' problems. This picture taken after having Seminar Preterm Labor at Labor Room Priba. (sambil dengar seminar sambil dengar baby menangis πŸ˜†)

After BST with her. These r my bst groupmates yo

With Prof Syukri, he is from USM. He was my lecturer's lecturer.. Ok guess his age then :)

With Dr Faridah, HSNZ specialist after presenting cases. Very fun and meaningful session btw!

With Dr Jumizah. πŸ’š

πŸ’› session with Dr Yusmadi. We also had fun Obs Ward Round with him which I totally enjoyed! (walaupun still rasa bodo lagi waktu tu 😸tp thanks dr for your encouraging words!)


Okay tak boleh blah gambar ni pun nak selitkan gigih sis buat collage okay 😝 During episiotomy wound repair skilled lab session with Prof Anisah!

With Dr Halimatun, after Seminar Recurrent Miscarriage 😍😍


With the onco-gynaecologist Dr Wan Rosmidah 😍 Her BST session also was superb!!! Tq dr

With DR Rohana πŸ˜™ will forever remember your encouraging words

After BST with lovely Prof Ma πŸ˜‡ I m the one presenting, IUGR case 😱 hopefully leh ingat sampai pro 

Nilah namanya gigih semua nak masuk cramped dalam lift haha pastu terus suruh snap satu kaleyyy.

Okay cerita pasal exam lak. Week 7 we already had our short case exam. I got gynae case which was a missed miscarriage case. I think I have done my best so pls pray for the best okay!

Meanwhile for long case pula which was on yesterday, I got obs case; Postdate mother who had prolonged pregnancy exceeds her expected delivery date.

And today we had our theory and osce papers. & I think overall it was quite manageable 😜 so I am done sharing few things regarding my 'eventful' O&G life. 

See pictures below, taken after finished exam and straight going lunch at Ayam Penyet sedap oiiiπŸ˜‚ xx

With both Prof Anisah & Prof Ma 😘


Wefie dalam radiography room after done osce using polaroid yg fun😽

Tadaaaaa! My new fav

That face bila orang smoke betul betul asap dia lalu kat muka ko. Siot aje 

Ambik gambar diroang jugak. Separated lunch btw 😹😹

I am finally done. Thanks for reading up till here. Till we meet again in the next post yea. Tak sabar nak enjoy this transient holidat before next posting, ORTHOPAEDIC coming next Sunday! πŸ˜‚πŸ™‹
L.O.L kubbie

Thursday, November 23, 2017

My November Update : O&G

Sekarang baru lepas azan Isya, hujan lebat seharian harini dari pagi buta sampailah sekarang. Musim monsun dah menjelang tiba k so be prepared pakai crocs jelah ioll hari hari

So, sekarang dah habis week 3 in O&G posting serious rasa tak ingat apa-apa lagi weh pls. It is not like I didn't study anything but, aku rasa aku nak settle down every small things and then only start studying one by one. Tbh, aku rasa this posting quite mencabar sbb dia involve mother and baby's well being. So respect to all mothers in the world. And pada posting ni lah perasaan cuak nak deliver baby tu muncul entah kenapa gatal hang niii calon pun takde wek πŸ˜›

Btw my end posting exam will be on 24th of December so really hope that I can survive this posting well inshaAllah. Pray that I am strong enough to face every difficulties, to go through all the tough path aminn. 

Actually I have my own problems but I choose to not tell it to others, instead I will jot them in my diary because that way only I can relieve myself a bit. When I have problems, I didn't expect people to ask or understand me but, it is enough for me if you just leave me alone but never abandon me ecewah. Because if I think you are close to me then only I will share it with you. If not, just don't. Tbh, I am so happy that I was surrounded by positive and understanding people to cherish my life. It is true they said that your friends define you 😍

Ever know this? If I made even a slight mistake to someone tak kiralah siapa, I will blame myself to the point that I kept thinking about it and terbawa bawa sampai ke dalam mimpi entah kenapa lah but it is true. Girls are complicated lol tetiba 😎

Ok bulan ni aku nak share 1 drama yang aku tengok. I must say that I'd already fell in love with all lines in this #Because This Is My First Life drama. Sebab the hero and heroin themselves love reading nice books with nice self motivating quotes. Tak memasal aku pun tetiba aim nak always say nice things to others when they really need it. Because you know, all those nice words won't die easily, they reached to other's heart and will survive πŸ˜‡ 

And one more thing i must let you all know, starting from date 17/11 I am officially broke af. 😟 The reason why my money habis tu I cannot tell yet but it is my plan after final exam Inshaallah. So ceritanya, eventhough you see I went to eat Myeongdong Topokki few days ago but actually thats only after I puasa straight 2 hari okay. I won't let my parents know about this because I don't want them feel burdened 😣 Not after mom already bought me a car and dad supported me all this while. I also don't want to tell my brothers and sister because not after they already worked hard to earn their own money... I guess I won't survive, no? Oh sucks. Don't worry guys, I will eat someting everyday but will be not going to pricey places anymore. I will cook in order to berjimat and keep surviving yay! 

P/S: Who wants to hire me as a part timer? πŸ™‹ Be ready to work only from my desk je kui2

Sunday, November 5, 2017

"Wishes You Guys All The Best" - A Well Known Surgeon, 2017

Hi salam semua! πŸ’‹

Dah lama tak menaip kat blog ni. Asal nak menaip je internet hostel buat problem. Yelah sekarang kan musim tengkujuh, so theory i maybe line disturbed jugak. So its okay! Kebetulan pulak kan baru habis 1st posting for Final Year ni, rasa cam kena buat summary and reflection of the posting seperti posting2 yang sebelum nya. Hehe

Pada Surgery posting III ini, kami di ajar oleh 3 university lecturer + few HSNZ specialists/surgeon + few inviting lecturers from UIA. MashaAllah Alhamdulillah for the opportunity that we were given, I couldn't ask for more.

Aku rasa aku ade 1 reflection nak diceritakan berdasarkan pengalaman 8 minggu masuk Surgery posting. Kejap, sebelum aku cerita lebih, nak bagitahu dulu yang Surgery posting ni mostly melibatkan patients yang perlukan operation lah involving the internal and external organs. Tak kisah pesakit tu dapat radang ke, uluran (hernia), penyakit saluran darah (vascular), batu karang, thyroid, kanser, etc etc, semua ditempatkan di wad ini.

Aku nak bagi contoh situasi. Aku ambil appendix lah paling mudah. Seorang remaja lelaki berusia 14 tahun dapat sakit perut tiba-tiba di bahagan tengah perut dan merebak ke belah kanan perut, muntah kira-kira dalam 2 kali, loya, demam, kemungkinan yang besar ialah Acute Appendicitis.  😍

Ataupun contoh lain, terdapat pesakit yang kalau-kalau korang pernah dengar atau nampak, mereka punya mata atau seluruh anggota badan kelihatan berwarna kuning. Istilah dalam perubatannya ialah Jaundice. Masalah ini datangnya dari hati. Hati yang dimaksudkan di sini ialah hati (liver) ya bukan jantung (heart) πŸ’•. Different tu.

Okay contoh yang lain, quite common dan penting bagi kalangan wanita. Seorang wanita berusia dalam 20 an mengadu terdapat ketulan benjol di bahagian payu dara, kami bahagian perubatan akan interpret sebagai breast lump, kebiasaannya pesakit akan mendapatkan nasihat di klinik berdekatan di rumah mereka dan jikalau perlu membuat siasatan/rawatan yang lebih lanjut, mereka akan diberi surat referral oleh GP ke klinik pakar di hospital.

Di sini saya nak ceritakan sedikit, terdapat sebilangan pesakit yang rasakan sesuatu yang tak kena pada dirinya, tapi membuat keputusan untuk tidak pergi ke klinik terus, hanya pergi 'berubat kampung' sahaja. Tahukah anda? Dengan membuat tindakan hanya pergi 'berubat kampung' hanya akan memburukkan keadaan malah melambatkan proses men'diagnos' penyakit anda. Sebagai contoh, jikalau anda ada perasan sakit/ketulan/badan lemah berterusan, cepat-cepat ke hospital berdekatan untuk pemeriksaan lanjut. Dr akan membuat pemeriksaan penuh dan menganalisis jiakalau anda betul-betul ada penyakit. 

Aku ingin bagi tips. Untuk mengelakkan risiko sebahagian jenis penyakit, kita haruslah no 1, jaga PEMAKANAN anda okay. No cholesterol excess, take high fibre diet, take accordingly for everything. Takyah makan macam takde hari esok. Kawal nafsu makan anda. Selebihnya tips boleh refer ke pakar diet pemakanan. Tahu tak kalau cholesterol lebih dalam badan kita akan menyebabkan saluran darah tersumbat. Boleh okay kenapa tak boleh? Cholesterol tu kalau tersumbat di saluran darah di kaki, akan menyebabkan kaki jadi kurang aliran darah, jika tidak diperiksa awal, worst case scenario kaki anda kan dipotong :( So jagalah pemakanan okay.

Okay next, EXERCISE. πŸ‘ΎπŸ‘Ύ Kenapa nak kena exercise? Supaya buang lemak-lemak degil dan BMI anda berada dalam aras selamat. Wajib elakkan obesity. Tahu kan kalau obesity, dapat bawa kepada macam-macam penyakit? Jadi, beringat ye. Buat exercise kat bilik pun boleh janji ada, ok? ✌

No smoking, no high risk behavior etc etc. 
Jaga diri korang.


Bercakap pasal exam haritu. Basically theory exam is quite okay lah. Kita mampu berserah sahaja. Osce pun sama. Aku nak cerita pasal Pakcik Long Case and Makcik Short Case jea. 

Long case aku dapat pakcik (electively admitted for exam) presented with left anterior neck swelling for the past 6 years duration. Through out the history taking is quite okay but I feel a bit sorry towards that pakcik bcs I seriously repeated asking the same questions just bcs I dun want miss any important points. Its true bcs during discussion part with examiner, I kinda felt clumsy if I did miss asking questions or miss any findings. 

And as for the short case pulak dapat case of transverse colostomy with no surgical scar. Diagnosis is Intestinal Obstruction Secondary To Left Sided Carcinoma. I wish you cepat sembuh makcik. InshaALlah πŸ’—

Here's the collection of memories with 'em fav SURGEONS  =) xo

Prof A, colorectal surgeon from UIA

Prof Nasser, UIA

Dato' Prof Dr Z, our VC, a neurosurgeon

Miss H, Hsnz surgeon

Mr H, a consultant ✌

Mr S πŸ˜†πŸ˜Ž

Mr N, neurosurgeon

Prof H, our lecturer πŸ’œπŸ’“

Last, after interactive osce finished. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜πŸ˜˜
After Long and Short Case finished . Happy faces πŸ‘€πŸ‘€❤
faces of group B students

makan bonanza sushi king with group B mates :-)

sushi king yang berkhidmat kat perut kitorang for these 5 years HAA :-P


Ps:/ Pray for me ya, aku ada 5 posting lagi na dihabiskan sebelum grad inshaALlah. Doakan. Semoga kebaikan kamu akan dilantunkan semula kepada kamu. πŸ‘
Ps:// Currently tengah Obs & Gyn posting. Tengok mak mak dan para wanita macam saya ❤
Ps:/// My study is my first priority πŸ’Ÿ

Lots of πŸ’š
By Hajar Kubi

Sunday, October 15, 2017

When life gives you lemon!

Hye salam whats up my readers!! :)

I am currently having 1 week posting break due to Deepavali Celebration and it is just 17 days left before my first EOP this year! Okay i always mention that because yesterday i just installed a Countdown App. I dunno why but it makes me feel anxious but at the same time, very careful and be sure whether i am wasting my time doing nonsense things or not. But yeah i love the app.

Lets get into my boring talk but this is my fav part actually. πŸ˜…πŸ‘§πŸ‘‹ I have passed through my 6 weeks in the Surgery posting. Everyday we have like clinic session, ward work, seminar, beedside teaching etc etc. For Thursday, we need to attend the Hospital CME, oncall case discussion, CPS & Interesting Topics presentation by fellow batchmate and at the end of the day would be common lecture by lecturers from different departments.

Thats it.

All in all, the environment, the learning process was quite nice and enjoyful to me as i was maximizing my participation whether in the class or hospital. Usually if I had time before entering class sometimes I will preview what was the content would be first. This is because I dislike entering the class without knowing the whole idea of the presentation. I need to read first then later on I will understand the content and be sure what to ask to the lecturer after that. I will be needing my previous lecture notes during my Year 3 and Year 4 journey and then, get the summary of it. I really think that this final year is the time that you need to have 2 way communication. It will give you fruitful result in enhancing your knowledge better, no doubt! Okay this is just my opinion although I am not that rajin pun. πŸ˜™πŸ˜›But lets do together shall we? 

And regarding the title above, yeah 'When life gives you lemon'. I believe we always had some bitter moment in our life isn't it? To me, lots of problem I will prefer to keep it to myself or find someone close to share it with. I have soooo many things that I dislike people do to me but I rather not to tegur them straight away because I think it will make them more embarassing, I guess so... bcs I haven't try. But yeah, as long as people don't cross the border, I can accept it the way it goes. In life, we should embrace each other's differences so you won't live in the bored way. But if you really can't stand someone's action, there are 2 options; either you advise her/him or just left her/him. And I am glad and grateful that I am surrounded with understanding people around me. 😺😺 

Thanks for reading. I am off to study. Pray for me yea. :>

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Jalan-jalan Kota Kinabalu : What's up (Part 2)

Assalamualaikum and hi! 

Ni sambungan dari my previous entry okay! Firstly aku akan senaraikan dan simplify kan semua tempat yg aku pergi mengikut kategori-kategori dia okay.

Antaranya ialah:

  • Pasar malam Filipina (Tempat makan seafood)
  • Pasar kraftangan
  • Pasar jual kerepek kerepek
  • Pasar malam Kg Air
  • Gaya Street Sunday Market 

Tempat-tempat tumpuan
  • Water dancing performance di Perdana Park, Tg Aru (every Thursday night)
  • Sabah Museum 
  • Sabandar Lesiure Rides, Tuaran
  • Island hopping di Pulau Gaya, Pulau Manukan *tak buat, saja list kat sini
  • Observation Tower, Signal Hill

Shopping mall
  • Imago a.k.a KK Times Square 
  • 1 Borneo Shopping Mall
  • Karamunsing mall
  • Centre Point 
  • Wisma Merdeka
  • Suria Sabah 
  • etc

Must try food place
  • Lokan bakar *terlupa nak try πŸ˜…
  • Seafood in Pasar malam Filipina
  • Double 6

1. Pasar malam Filipina (Seafood Heaven!!)

2. Pasar Malam Kg Air
You can get your bracelets here! Quite cheap, do not forget to nego okay? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ (excuse my small face)

Dinner at Jamal Salim Curry House. Jangan order maggie curry rebus, maggie tomyam, dia tak buat macam semenanjung punya πŸ‘» adeh

3. Pasar Filipina jual kerepek

4. Menggatal is what this place called πŸ˜‚

5. Gaya Street Sunday Market 
Banyak sangat godaan di sini. Beg, souvenirs, bunga, baju, seluar, topi ahhhhh makanan, pets, sayur sayuran semua ada πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

6. Sabandar Leisure Rides, Tuaran (Entrance fee - RM5)
Must go if you are a nature lover person πŸ’‹ 

Just wanted to show you guys my most favourite building here...

7. Suria Sabah Mall
Must go too if you want to have a dining facing up straight the South China Sea πŸ’— (not shown in the picture)

8. Sabah Museum 
Must go bcs so interesting inside! We spent about 3 hours here πŸ˜™ mostly bcs of photoshoot-ing, video-ing, instastory-ing hehehe

9. Observation Tower, Signal Hill
SubhanaAllah, nothing i can say but amazing view when you can see things get smaller from above. Even cars become bug like size!

Thanks for reading!! Sorry for not telling much. You can put down your comment below to ask anything, okay? xoxo K,

To be continued...
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