The girl.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Oh Allah. I don't know where am I belong to. I hope I can decide this in the seconds of matter but I knew I can't do it without your petunjuk, Im totally not strong for this. Actually, where in the world am I supposed to be? What in the earth really is my profession? Yeah, probably the thing that you hate the most is the thing you should love. I believe, everything has its solution as Allah has planned best. 

It's 4th Ramadhan today, don't forget your puasa nawaitu.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

#throwback first time trip with my practicummates k5p5 2012/2013

Disebabkan this story is quite late & I may have difficulties in elaborating, so aku rasa takpe kan tak banyak cakap dalam entry ni. Yela minda aku dah tak berapa ingat the exact thing and time we do some activities so, lets the pictures talk too okay? ;)

So seawal 8.30 pagi kitorang gerak naik van.
Dari highway Sg. Dua dah nampak Kmpp. Yang tu bangunan blok A1.

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