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Sunday, February 2, 2014


Alone ryte now in the house.. I mean, just me and my lil bro. did i have told you that I’m such penakut..? L

This evening my time was well spent enough by watching dramas & movies.. The 1st one is Frozen. Goshhh Frozen is a must watch movie yea. It is a tragic true love story between siblings but have nice ending! ~just watch jelaaa~

And the 2nd one is Thor The Dark World. I zeriously am one of the action/superheroes typed movies fan so how come I didn’t know Thor ryte? :p You’ll like it when you watch it..

So there comes my 3 weeks of holiday and I have no idea what to fill in it.
1st week iz gonna be dull and sorrow I know ittt. 
2nd week hmm still dull and gloomy a bit
3rd week iz weaken and tiring of being alone..

The other degree students have already showed up at Campus. Ah why meh we gotta be lotsa different from 'em? -_- This increases the probability to not to see someone harharhar........(hambar)

Ok that's weird Hajarul.
It is okay to had crush on someone but don't exceed the limitation. I'm a normal person, perhaps. 

Likeeee, people change seiring dengan umur. Amende yang seseorang tak suka before this, tak mustahil dia akan suka & buat when he/she grows up. Eh jap aku ni takde idea sangat dah cakap sal nie. Balun jelaaa x

Post ini tiada point yang bernas langsung....

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Night thoughts. Let the pictures speak.

#Believer #Allah's #TheAlmighty #Love #Prophet #Solat #TutupAurat #JagaDiri #TinggalLarangan #AmalkanKebaikan #Empathy #StudyHardSmart #LoveFamily #Friends

O Allah. The One who will listen to me always. Thanks for everything I got. I couldn't even thanks for more. It is enough already. 
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