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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Memori Ob & Gynae :)

Bismillah walhamdulillah

I am very soon (inshaAllah) done with my Year 3 as a medical student. Still can't brain myself actually that the fact I have already gone 3/5 of journey. Tears, happiness, sweat, blood ((lol jk)) actually real in this field!

So how was Ob? Gyne? Ain't they tiring? Or..excited much to see babies :)? 

To me, this posting is great because 1) its female thingy hehe I can relate myself with all those female problems existed. How does menstruation occurs, menopause, those famous leading death cancer nowadays e.g cervical cancer. Not to mention some more wonderful things in Obstetric. How does pregnancy affect your child or you yourself? What's the common diseases happen that affect throughout the journey? If there is, what would the investigation & management would be during prenatal, antenatal, postnatal, antepartum, intrapartum and even postpartum. So all those moments are very important to us medical team investigate and treat accordingly.

Throughout the weeks
We learned our cbd, seminar, bst sessions from beloved O&G specialists of HSNZ and 2 from other uni. Not to forget our beautiful and kind posting coordinator a.k.a O&G lecturer Prof Naghem <3.

Million thanks to my groupmates Adawiyah, Thennila, Afnan, Rao, Sherman and Ribka. Without them most probably my life during this posting would suck so much. Looking forward to see you all again next year :)

Last night with postingmates and housemates. Domino's & Sushi King :)

The good thing in Ob that i really really really fall in love isss we've got the chance to palpate pregnant mother's abdomen as to know the period of gestation. Its by using a standardized methods used by all medical team in the worldwide. Some more we could know whether the fetus inside is bit big, a bit small, the estimated fetal weight, the lie & presentation or whether the amniotic fluid is kind of low in amount. We should present our finding to the lecturer and lastly give some explanation to that. Told you, we are a bit like Detective Conan somehow in many times...

Furthermore, I think I was like, kind of understand all O&G Department people whose life were wholeheartedly dedicated for patients in this field. May Allah bless them. Muka orang yang sama je 2 hari berturut-turut. So busy to finish up their shift. I've witnessed some pregnant mothers whose life were in danger during labor. At 10 pm. Kind of hectic moment when specialist on-call came to check those mothers themselves. In difficult cases like twin delivery sometimes need for specialist's help. This job surely doesn't make money as first priority but, patient. SubhanaAllah. May Allah lead us to Jannah as well.

In a side note;-
Estimation labor process for first child is about 12 hours. And subsequently reduced to 8 hours.
If you ladies have some 'lady' problems, do not hesitate to seek for medical attention in nearby healthcare e.g clinic or even go direct to hospital.
Please, please and please take care of your health and your baby's! Do not miss Antenatal booking as it is very very important as well as Antenatal Check Up. Its important for your current health condition to get updated.
To all mothers (no one is exceptional ye) in the world, you are brave in my eyes. *GROUP HUG*

Not sure yet which bidang I should enter :D

To share a bit from my exam;
1) Got a long case exam of 36 year old malay lady, Gravida 3 Para 2, at 29 weeks 3 days Period Of Amenorrhoea, with underlying established Type 2 DM under insulin subactrapid 6u,6u,6u, presented to HSNZ with pv bleeding on the day of admission. 
2) For theory papers hopefully I did well.
3) And for osce paper also <3

Congratz my batchmate! 2 years more to go ;)
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