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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


M missing on purpose.

I don't have many stories to share with ya all. Lately I have bin sooo lazy to update. Since my blog might be boring to ya and also to me so making it private makes me feel so fine..!

Just on date 13th June, my family did went to Redang Island which are 99% officially on my mom's effort. That 3 days 2 night vacation really brings so much memories to me. Gotta tell ya a lot but my mind refusing to. Told ya, kalau tak buat aktiviti holiday camni pun its okay as long as you appreciate your beloved 1 before late. M very love to be there. Maybe shud think further for next islands visit (Pangkor / Perhentian) perhaps. 

Seems like I don't appreciate my days during matric in Penang I.S.L.A.N.D? Nopeee. Really like it too! :)
So here comes the pictures.

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